Can you hear me now....


“Can you hear me now?” - Oh yes beautiful QSC KLA12 Line Array Speakers, thanks to you, I can hear everything now. These 1000-watt 12” powered line array speakers are the newest bundles of joy to add to our ever growing brood. From the most soft spoken individual to the grandest of concerts- this incredibly versatile speaker is so crisp and so clean with its delivery of sound that you can enjoy every bit of audio they produce. These are the perfect combination of astounding power and absolutely stunning delivery. What more can we say…….we are in love….

Out with the old, in with the new!

Technology changes, and so should the gear a event company uses. 721 Industries is very passionate about the work we do and will always strive to put on the best show possible for our clients. We are happy to announce we now own 3MM LED VIDEO WALLS! With every clients needs being different, we felt the needs of our clients would be best fit if we carried 10MM, 6MM and 3MM indoor and outdoor LED walls to give each event the desired look they are wanting to achieve. Goodbye outdated LED walls with less than stellar picture quality, Hello high res and crisp color!

New Website, Same 721 Industries You Love!

Lighting Installation

Like this lighting installation photo above, we've reconstructed our website from the ground up so everyone has a better idea of what 721 Industries is truly about. Small events or top nationwide concerts, we bring the same energy and passion to each of our events. What sets us a part from our competitors is we're a full production service company. We combine event planning, coordination, managing, scouting, producing, sourcing, (hold on let me catch my breath), designing, branding, and creation all together in a glorious combination that will become your signature event. So, kick up your feet, sit back, relax, and let 721 Industries handle all your event and production needs.

And make sure to follow along with our blog as we'll be letting the world get a closer inside look at what makes us one of the best event production companies in the nation.