Event Lighting


How will guests remember your event? create a lasting impression with a variety of lighting options including led lights, string lights, moving lights, spotlights and any other fixture we can dream up. 721 industries will develop a customized lighting solution that no one will forget.

Just like audio were going to touch base a little on the importance of good lighting. If you can not be seen then whats the point of being on stage? Lighting is one of the key solutions to making your stage POP! Even something as simple as a stage wash can go horribly wrong if the fixtures are not aimed properly for the acts on stage. Color is also a major factor, are there camera’s involved? if so then the engineers need to make sure the presenters faces look real and not red, tan or any other weird color. Once you establish a good stage wash you can move on to adding additional lighting such as intelligent moving lights that will bring everything together and get your audience more engaged. I mean that the whole point right? of course we cant forget the lighting engineers that make it all happen. lets be honest Without them its just electricity moving through an object.